13 Mar 2017

Dear Parents,

We have made the transition to an online blog! The blog will contain new photos each day to show our awesome activities.

Photos will be uploaded daily into folders for each week.

Follow this link to get to our page: https://eppingheightsoshc.smugmug.com/

Alternativley you may go to www.smugmug.com and search for Epping Heights OSHC under the “People” tab. ( you have to click the people tab otherwise you won’t find us!)

The password to view the photos can be obtained by contacting the Centre.

This website allows us to share extra photos to you while also letting you save them for yourselves on your home computer. You’ll also be able to leave us comments so feel free! We will also have the photos on a slideshow most days in OSHC when the tablet is not in use.

(Please note that all photography is in good taste and children who’s enrolment specifies photography restrictions will be not be shown.)

Moving to an online blog is in line with our environmentally conscious philosophy by reducing the amount of paper and ink used. It also allows families to view photo’s of our service at their leisure, further enhancing the Centre’s communication with our community.

If you have an questions regarding our online blog or YouTube channel, please feel free to ask, we are here to help!



Adam Pearson


Epping Heights OSHC

9869 0602