13 Jan 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Just a few things as we commence the OSHC year:

  • If your child is commencing kindergarten in 2020, the first 2 days are a 10am school start. We would like to suggest that if your kindy child(ren) are booked into morning OSHC on those days, that due to this late start you do not bring them to OSHC on those first two days of school (Thursday 30th, Friday 31st Jan – 2020).  If you have booked your child in to aftercare and you have decided not to start them immediately from day 1 of school – ENSURE you log in to our webserver to mark your child as being away to avoid additional charges for non-notification of absence.
  • Please note that if your child is booked in for Vacation Care day: – ICE ZOO (24th Jan 2020) It is very cold at the venue and your child will need a jumper and perhaps some long pants to change into whilst there.
  • Should you require a last minute Vacation Care booking over January period, please simply send the Centre an email at eppingheightoosh@hotmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • We would like to ask all our families to review the before and after sessions they have selected for 2020. We have unfortunately ended up once again with waiting lists for each afternoon, and several of our families have missed out. If you do not require any sessions you have been allocated, please log in to our webserver and cancel those days. Should you have any issues doing this, please send the details of your booking cancellations to the Centre via email.
  • All new families enrolling at our service are required to sign up to direct debit. This is to attempt to move ALL of our families to this system of payment of fees. If you are currently paying fees via bank transfer on receipt of your invoice/statement, we would like to ask you to please consider switching to Direct Debit. This can be a debit from a nominated bank account or card.

Happy Holidays (whats left of them!), see you all soon!

Adam Pearson
Epping Heights OSHC