Details of all fees can be found in the Centre’s Schedule of Fees and charges for 2020

Family Membership Fees:

An annual membership fee is charged to every family when they enrol or re-enrol at the centre each year.

Membership fees are below:
Term 1 – $30
Term 2 – $30
Term 3 – $15
Term 4 – $30 (includes Term 4 and the annual membership fee for following year)

How to pay your fees

1. Internet Transfer: You can pay your fees via Internet Banking. Please use the details below when making your internet transfer.

BSB: 062161  Account #: 10171655    Account Name: Epping Heights   Description: Your four digit parent code & surname.

2. Direct Debit: You can arrange to have the balance of your account debited from your credit card or bank account on a fortnightly basis. The debit will occur approximately two days after you have received your statement of usage. You can sign up to Ezidebit via the Webserver under ‘Parents Menu’.


Administration Fee (once only): $1.10 (Centre absorbs fee)

Bank Account Transaction Fee: $1.18

Credit Card Transaction Fee: VISA/Mastercard 2.5% (min $1.18); AMEX/Diners 4.4% (min $0.88)

EZIDEBIT Dishonour Fee: $14.80 per dishonoured transaction (to be charged directly from Ezidebit)

Centre Dishonour Fee: $15.00 per dishonoured transaction (to be applied to parent account at the centre)

3. Bank Deposit: You can deposit your money at the Commonwealth Bank directly into Epping Heights’s account, by using a coded deposit book.