14 May 2014

Our New Room & Thursdays Disco (15th May 2014)

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Dear Families,

We are excited to announce that we are going to start moving things into our new room today! OOSH will be operating from the Hall until this Thursday (15th). We may continue being in the hall for the AM session on Thursday morning, but this is yet to be confirmed. If your child is due to attend Thursday AM, it may simply be a case of noticing whether or not we are still in the hall on arrival.

If you child is attending OOSH and attending the disco on Thursday 15th May, please note the following.

* Send your child to school with a change of clothes for the disco

* Their clothes can be left in the OOSH room during the day (they must be dropped in to the centre by 8:45am)

* Your child will be signed in to the disco by OOSH staff if you have not already collected them

* Your child can be signed out of the junior disco by our staff if you will not make it back in time.

* If you collect your child from the disco you must sign them out at the disco AND sign them out of OOSH as well. Charges for non-signage apply if you do not sign them out of OOSH.

* If your child is attending the senior disco, OOSH closes by the time the disco has finished. This is the one day where you are permitted to not sign your senior child out from OOSH.

* If your child is attending the senior disco their bag will be left near the hall in the canteen area. If your child attends the junior disco their bag will remain where they are normally kept during OOSH.


If you have any questions, please contact the centre at eppingheightsoosh@hotmail.com  – please do not reply to this address.

Adam Pearson
Epping Heights OSHC
9869 0602