Afternoon Tea

All children are offered a choice of healthy and tasty afternoon tea options.

Have a look at our alternating menus to see what is available.


Children are offered a variety of healthy cereal options each day including:

Corn Flakes                 Special K                      Just Right                     Porridge/Oats

Rice Bubbles               Weet-Bix

Children may also choose to have wholemeal or raisin toast with a variety of spreads, as well as fresh fruit. We offer milk (full cream, skim, soy), water, orange juice and Milo as a breakfast beverage. Occasionally we will offer: eggs, bacon, muffin, pancakes and fruit salad.

Children will always have access to fresh water and clean drinking cups. The centre cares for all children’s dietary requirements.

Vacation Care


Menu Changes

We are regularly reviewing our menu.

Our menu considers the following:

* Cost effectiveness

* Time of and ease of preparation and clean-up for staff

* Nutrition/health/a balanced diet

* Cultural relevance

* Variety

* Taste

We have recently had discussions with our children who have offered some extremely interesting (and quite sensible!) suggestions for our menu. We would like to extend this opportunity to our families to do the same. We love to hear your suggestions for the Centre, so please send any menu suggestions to

Suggestions may be for breakfast options as well as afternoon tea.

All suggestions will be considered and discussed amongst the staff. Please understand that some suggestions may not be appropriate for our service due to one or more of the considerations listed above. Items that may not be suitable as additions to our regular menu may be appropriate as one-offs or as a part of our cooking program.

We are very excited to hear your ideas!