Centre Policies

At Epping Heights OSHC we understand the importance of a strong set of policies to help guide our management and staff and to ensure all involved with the centre have the same understanding and expectations about what happens within the service.

Our policies are written to ensure they are consistent with current legislation and practices, easily understandable and a major support to those implementing the policies.

We review our policies biennially, or as required, and we recognise and appreciate the input of Management, Staff, Parents, Children, and external experts to ensure our policies always reflect best practice guidelines.


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Centre Policies

Section A: Administration

A-1 Hours of operation
A-2 Priority of Access
A-3 Philosophy
A-4 Enrolment
A-5 New Children orientation
A-6 Fees
A-7 Bookings
A-8 Dropping Off and Picking Up
A-9 Absent and Missing Children
A-10 Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisations
A-11 Maintenance of Records
A-12 Policy Development and Review
A-13 Participation and Access
A-14 Complaints
A-15 Roles of Management
A-16 Financial Management
A-17 Privacy and Confidentiality
A-18 National Quality Framework
A-19 Nominated Supervisor
A-20 Insurance
A-21 Determining the Responsible Person on Duty
A-22 Code of conduct

Section B: Facilities and Equipment

B-1 Facility Management and Security
B-2 Building
B-3 Storage
B-4 Heating
B-5 Pest Control
B-6 Indoor Environment
B-7 Outdoor Environment

Section C: Staff Policies

C-1 Staff Recruitment and Selection
C-2 Conditions of Employment
C-3 Staff Orientation
C-4 Staff Professionalism
C-5 Professional Development
C-6 Staff Review and Appraisal
C-7 Grievance Procedures
C-8 Disciplinary Action
C-9 Relief Staff
C-10 Volunteers
C-11 Staff Child Ratios
C-12 Communication
C-13 Interactions with Children
C-14 Reportable Conduct
C-15 Return to Work Program Policy
C-15 Attachment 2 Register of injuries
C-16 Stress, Fatigue, Bullying and Health Monitoring
C-17 Lone working
C-18 Staff hours of Work
C-19 Staff Leave

Section D: Health and Safety

D-1 Dealing with Medical Conditions
D-2 Hygiene
D-3 Food and Nutrition
D-4 Food Safety and Handling
D-5 Hazardous Materials
D-6 Transportation
D-7 Animals
D-8 Sun Protection
D-9 Emergency procedures
D-10 First Aid
D-11 Management of Incident Injury and Trauma
D-12 Death of a child or staff member
D-13 Illness and Infectious Diseases
D-14 Immunisation
D-15 Allergies
D-16 Asthma
D-17 Anaphylaxis
D-18 Diabetes
D-19 Encouraging a nut-free zone
D-20 Medication
D-22 Child Protection – Mandatory reporting
D-23 Child Management – Behaviour Guidance-exclusion
D-24 Exclusion for Unacceptable Behaviour
D-25 Harassment
D-26 Security
D-27 Custody Agreements Court Orders
D-28 Workplace Health Safety and Environment (12 month policy)
D-29 Manual Handling
D-30 Supervision
D-31 Sleep and rest
D-32 COVID-19
D-33 Legal Responsibilities and WHS Information
D-34 Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Policy
D-34 Attachment 1 Hazpak
D-35 Workplace Inspection
D-35 Attachment 1 Workplace Inspection checklist

Section E: Programming

E-1 Daily Routines
E-2 Written Programs
E-3 Gender Equity
E-4 Cultural Relevance
E-5 Excursions
E-6 Movies DVD TV
E-7 Water Safety
E-8 Homework
E-9 Out Of Centre Activities
E-10 Community Involvement
E-11 Technology